Florida Governor Updates on COVID Vaccine Distribution & Accountability

Governor Ron DeSantis Provides Update on Florida’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Accountability

Tallahassee, FL (STL.News) Today, Governor Ron DeSantis provided an update on Florida’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution, how the state is continuing to remain focused on keeping Florida’s Seniors First and leading the way on prioritizing those 65 and older for the vaccine.

Watch the Governor’s update by clicking the image below or clicking HERE.

Text from Governor DeSantis’ video message as delivered is provided below:

Hi, this is Governor Ron DeSantis.

We have great momentum with vaccine distribution in Florida as we remain focused on our senior population.

Florida is putting Seniors First. More than 50 percent of the total vaccinations administered in the state have been for individuals 65 and older, and we continue to accelerate this rate.

Last week, Florida vaccinated 223,000 seniors, which is nearly 70 percent of all people vaccinated for Week 4 alone.

Although supplies of vaccine from the federal government remain limited, we are remaining proactive so that when additional supply does come, our infrastructure will be able to process it.

To that end, as we continue to do our part at the state level, it’s important to understand that vaccine allotments are determined and deployed to every state by the federal government, and I continue to advocate for more vaccines for Floridians.

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